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Need Money Fast? Try These 14 Best Money-Making Apps

At your fingertips you have access to the internet, social media apps, banking and bill pay apps, travel apps, games, music, and more — why not add apps that will put some extra money in your pocket?

Money-making apps like Swagbucks are apps that allow you to earn money from your smartphone. They can be money-saving and cash back platforms that help you save and earn while shopping, apps to help you manage your money and grow it by investing, and apps that can help you when you want to make additional money working a side hustle.

Here is a look at 14 of the best money-making apps available. 



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Overview of the best money-making apps

Survey apps

Get paid for your opinions with these apps, where you can take online surveys, watch ads, and test new products — all on your own schedule. Companies and brands need the opinion of regular Joes to find out if a new product or service will be desirable.


The Swagbucks membership platform has more than 20 million members and is considered one of the best-paid sites. The site has thousands of surveys and is constantly adding more. There are also opportunities to try free samples, test new products, use digital and printed coupons, and redeem special promo codes.

Although there are surveys that could pay $50, Swagbucks finds that easy, general surveys may only take five minutes and earn up to $1.50. Swagbucks members who are motivated can expect to earn $100 per month. Those dedicated survey takers put in about a half an hour or more on surveys per day.

Swagbucks offers payment in cash, typically within a week of requesting a payout, as well as gift cards to big brands like Amazon, Starbucks, and Walmart. 


Need Money Fast? Try These 15 Best Money Making Apps - InboxDollarsIn operation since 2000, InboxDollars has paid its 15,000+ members more than $59 million in cash rewards for completing surveys. It’s free to enroll as a member, and they even give you $5 once you confirm your email address. The survey platform also gives you the opportunity to participate in focus groups and test out new products.

InboxDollars offers cash payments as well as gift cards and PayPal transfers. Most surveys through this platform garner you $0.25 to $5, with payments processed every Wednesday.

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Al rellenar el formulario de solicitud tendrás que facilitar la marca y modelo de tu vehículo. En función de ello, en la misma pantalla, recibirás una oferta por tu vehículo

Credito avalado con tu coche

Entre 1.000€ y 15.000€

Al rellenar el formulario de solicitud tendrás que facilitar la marca y modelo de tu vehículo. En función de ello, en la misma pantalla, recibirás una oferta por tu vehículo

Additional rewards include cash back while shopping online, free samples, discounts, and coupon codes.

Opinion Outpost

Need Money Fast? Try These 15 Best Money Making Apps - Opinion OutpostOpinion Outpost is not an app but can be easily managed from your smartphone or tablet and has 350,000 subscribers and three million new monthly surveys each month. 

To become a member, reviewers have to be U.S. residents and provide an email address. There are no costs for joining and you can answer as many or as few surveys as you’d like. Surveys are emailed to members based on your online profile, and each survey takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete. For every opinion you share, Opinion Outpost gives you up to 50. 

Branded Surveys

Need Money Fast? Try These 14 Best Money-Making Apps - Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys – a market research community – will pay you gift cards or cash for your opinions. Once you set up an account (which takes just a minute), you’ll answer a few quick questions about yourself, so they can pair you with surveys that make sense for your personal demographics.

As you begin taking surveys, you’ll accumulate points, and once you hit 1,000 points you can cash out via PayPal, your Branded Surveys account, or convert your points into gift cards to popular retailers like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target, and more. It’s really as easy as that!

Cash back/coupon apps

Making money while spending money? This is not a new concept. Consider your credit cards that provide rewards every time you spend. But actual cash back on purchase and coupons that can save you big on items you were planning to buy, can be enjoyed using a variety of apps.


Need Money Fast? Try These 15 Best Money Making Apps - MyPointsMembers of MyPoints will find that they earn up to 40% back on their purchases. Members who hit consecutive spending daily goals earn bonus points, as well, from 10 points for shopping five days in a row to 200 points for shopping 21 days straight.



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Just joining the program will earn you a $10 Amazon or Visa gift card!

When you are ready to cash out your points, you’ll find restaurant gift cards as some of the rewards, including Longhorn Steakhouse, Olive Garden, and Applebee’s.

MyPoints is connected to Swagbucks so points can also be redeemed through either site.


Need Money Fast? Try These 15 Best Money Making Apps - EarnyYou can get up to 20% cash back when you shop online through Earny. More than 5,000 brands can be found through the partnership, including names like StubHub, Walgreens, Groupon, and Best Buy. The site not only provides you with cash back, but monitors daily price changes so you’ll have the lowest price on the things you need.

Users get additional bonuses like price protection. If the price drops after purchase, you can get the cash back instead of feeling as if you missed a deal. If Amazon is late on your deliveries, you can also earn up to $15 for the inconvenience. 

If you aren’t ready to make a purchase, add an item to your watchlist and get notified when the price drops.

Capital One Shopping

Capital One ShoppingCapital One Shopping updates products with real-time coupon codes so your online purchases might be cheaper than you expected. A universal product search will also show you the lowest price of an item found amongst competitors. Price drops are also available when waiting for a big-ticket item to go on sale.

The platform is part of Capital One’s shopping division and gives you cash back on purchases, such as 11% back when you purchase three months of Rosetta Stone, 6% cash back and 20% savings at Office Depot on office mask products, and 30% off and 8% cash back at JCPenney.

Disclaimer – Capital One Shopping compensates us when you get the browser extension using the links we provided.

Odd jobs apps

Having a side hustle is a great way to supplement your income and help you save toward a house or that dream vacation, prep for a new baby’s arrival, or free up funds for investing.


Need Money Fast? Try These 15 Best Money Making Apps - FiverrA resource connecting freelancers with businesses in need of assistance, Fiverr is best for those looking for writing, translation, graphics, website programming, music, audio, video, and digital marketing gigs.

By creating a Seller Profile, those with talent can show off their work and let companies know pricing details. This way, companies can search through listings of creative insiders to find someone that works best for them. 

Buyers pay Fiverr directly and when the order reaches an 80% competition rate, the funds are transferred into a pending payment and available within 14 days. You can withdraw your funds directly into your bank account.

Buyers may also leave reviews about you and your services so future buyers can get a sense of your work. Just as with a product, the more good reviews, the more in-demand you appear to buyers.


Need Money Fast? Try These 15 Best Money Making Apps - TaskRabbitFor those who can provide handy services to people in need, TaskRabbit is a site that allows you to showcase yourself as a handyman, delivery driver, moving service, etc. 

With earnings varying based on the task and your area, TaskRabbit shows you the average rates you can make in more than 50 categories. You keep 100% of your earnings plus tips and can use TaskRabbit’s invoice and payment system. 

After signing up and building a profile, TaskRabbit will verify you and you’ll pay a one-time registration fee. After that, set your schedule and accept jobs when you want them. 


Need Money Fast? Try These 15 Best Money Making Apps - UpworkAnother online platform for connecting those in need with those looking for work is Upwork, where practically any job you can think of may be listed. Companies in need of freelance and short-term contract work will post what they’re looking for. You can search for the skill required, but you’ll also have an online profile that showcases who you are and the services you provide.

When you see work you like, send a proposal to the client who can review your profile and choose to accept you and your bid.

Once you’re working, Upwork becomes a platform for you to communicate about the project, send and receive files, keep track of hours, set deadlines, and have clients automatically billed.

Upwork charges a fee, however: $20 for the first $500 you bill, 10% for billing between $500.01 and $10,000, and 5% for total billings exceeding $10,000. 

Field Agent

Need Money Fast? Try These 15 Best Money Making Apps - Field AgentAll you need is your smartphone to work with Field Agent, where you become a mystery shopper and conduct market research and audits at stores near you. Download the app and enroll as an agent and you’ll receive quick training before assignments come your way.

You can select a range in which you are able to travel, from just three miles to 30 miles. You’ll be given assignments like shopping in a store and reporting back on the customer service, hunting for UPC labels on products, and conducting in-store surveys.

Jobs pay between $3 and $15 and take minutes to a half an hour of your time. You’ll be paid directly when you select Cash Out.

Investing apps

Of course, investing your own money is a way to earn money and there are apps that take away some of the confusion of investing and allow you to do it with just a few clicks.


Need Money Fast? Try These 15 Best Money Making Apps - RobinhoodRobinhood allows you to invest as little as $1 to own parts of a whole share of a company. This is your money coming together with other low-fund investors to own shares without paying any commission. 

The app helps you understand more about financial markets, so you’ll learn as your money grows, be able to keep real-time tabs on your money, and manage your portfolio on your own. 

You can invest in more than 5,000 stocks listed on the U.S. Exchange and over 250 global stocks, as well as cryptocurrencies.

Advertiser Disclosure – This advertisement contains information and materials provided by Robinhood Financial LLC and its affiliates (“Robinhood”) and MoneyUnder30, a third party not affiliated with Robinhood. All investments involve risk and the past performance of a security, or financial product does not guarantee future results or returns. Securities offered through Robinhood Financial LLC and Robinhood Securities LLC, which are members of FINRA and SIPC. MoneyUnder30 is not a member of FINRA or SIPC.” 


Need Money Fast? Try These 15 Best Money Making Apps - Public“Making the stock market social,” Public is another low-fund investment app where you can own a share of stock with as little as $5. You can build your portfolio by owning a fractional share or an entire share and invest in funds — all without commission fees. 

The social aspect is completely unique. A feed and community can share their thoughts on certain stocks, news they hear, and reasons for selecting or avoiding a certain stock. Group messaging can connect you with people of different ages and backgrounds to help you learn more about investing. 


Need Money Fast? Try These 15 Best Money Making Apps - E*TRADEE*TRADE charges zero commission without any account minimums on its full range of investments.

The online platform gives you the ability to research investments, track the markets, place trades, and hone your skills with ample resources to help you grow. The E*TRADE app is easy to use so you can stay connected on the go. You can manage cash, pay bills, invest in stocks and mutual funds, and follow breaking news.

Summary of the best 14 money-making apps

  App type Fees/costs/
minimum investment
Average earnings/savings Earnings
Swagbucks Cash back/coupon $0 Surveys: $100 per month Cash or gift cards
InboxDollars Cash back/coupon $0 $.25 to $5 per survey; $5 for enrolling Cash back or gift cards
Opinion Outpost Survey $0 Up to $300 per day Cash
Branded Surveys Survey $0 Varies by survey – 1,000 points = $10 Cash, gift cards
MyPoints Cash back/coupon $0 Up to 40% cashback; $10 gift card for enrolling Cash back or gift cards
Earny Cash back/coupon $0 Up to 20% cashback Cash back
Capital One Shopping Cash back/coupon $0 Wide range of cashback options and savings ops Cash back
Fiverr Odd jobs $0 Minimum $5 per hour Cash
TaskRabbit Odd jobs $0 Average $35 per hour Cash
Upwork Odd jobs $20 for the first $500 you bill, 10% for billing between $500.01 and $10,000, and 5% for total billing exceeding $10,000. $20 to $40 per hour; no less than $3 an hour permitted Cash
Field Agent Odd jobs $0 $3 to $7 per assignment Cash
Robinhood Investment $1 Fluctuates with market Stocks, funds & investments
Public Investment $5 Fluctuates with market Stocks, funds & investments
E*TRADE Investment $1 Fluctuates with market Stocks, funds & investments

How I came up with this list

There is no shortage of great apps in the marketplace but when just starting out, free is a key factor. Who wants to pay for an app when they’re trying to make money? Not only are the apps here that are free to download, but I also sought out apps with good reputations and good ratings.

But of course, the entire point of a money-making app is to make money. These apps offer a mix of ways to make more, from side hustles, to ways to invest, to earning cash back. Even the investment apps provide free or low-cost fees when you do make money.

They also connect to your computer when you want to check-in online at your desk.

Another deciding factor? Great reviews from tried-and-true users. 

How do you make money with apps?

As highlighted, there are different ways you can make money using apps. Some apps provide ways to earn some extra money on the side, such as those that allow you to conduct secret shopping or surveys. Others connect to your accounts so when you spend money you can get cash back if you follow store offerings.

Other apps allow you to invest, even with little money. They are great ways to learn about investing and begin your future of growing money.

How to choose a money-making app?

It’s great to join the world of investing, even with a little to invest. Google and Amazon stocks, for example, may cost thousands per share, so investing $25 could potentially give you 1% earnings. But do you have credit card debt? How high is your interest? Definitely more than 1%. If you have high debt, then choose a money-making app that brings you extra income.

But while it seems simple to complete surveys and bring in an additional $1,000 per month, consider how many hours you will have to spend on surveys. Can you devote the time needed? Be realistic about how much extra you can make.

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